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Navigating A Creative Career in Music with Broken Social Scene's Brendan Canning

Episode Summary

Marc is joined by musician Brendan Canning in this episode. Perhaps best known as the co-founder of the Toronto supergroup Broken Social Scene, Brendan has also worked on a number of Film and TV soundtracks and has been DJing internationally since 1998. They talk about career longevity, the 90s grunge era, his many side hustles and having no plan B.

Episode Notes

Our next guest is musician Brendan Canning,  the co-founder of the Toronto supergroup Broken Social Scene, which includes members of Metric, Do Make Say Think and Stars, as well as Grammy-nominated Feist. One of the most enduring and influential alternative bands of the 00s. Their record 'You Forgot It In People' defined the "indie rock" era and paved the way for Canadian acts like Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade to break out. Canning also has released three solo recordings.

Brendan talks about his early years of hustling his music, his strategy back in the 90s grunge era, was there a formula, and how Broken Social Scene came together and found great success. Marc and Brendan also discuss Brendan’s many side hustles, even when Broken Social Scene was a going concern he was busy with other things. We also find out  how Brendan got into composing music for films and what Brendan might do if he was starting again out today.


“...I think it was just an innate sense. It's basic. You got to open up for the cool bands. You got to build up your own following, right. Then you build up your following and maybe that leads to your entering a radio station contest? And you get your songs on the radio? It was the Grunge rock era, sort of like the Bitcoin era, you know, there was money to be made. You could make money without being that talented. But because you looked a certain way you wore enough flannel or army shorts or long underwear under your army shorts,  it was possible …”

#HowWeListen Live: In Conversation

2:25 - Sled Island Music & Arts Festival

5:35 - Dodos

6:00 - Posies, Scott Kannberg

8:58 - Hhead, IRS Records, Elliot Lefko, Now Magazine

10:48 - CFNY

12:23 - Bare Naked Ladies

13:38 - Spooky Ruben

13:57 - By Divine Right

14:25 - Steal My Sunshine, Treble Charger, Cookie Duster

17:37 - Charles Spearing, Kevin Drew, KC Accidental

23:35 - Paperbag Records

23:53 - Stewart Berman, Rough Trade Records

26:11 - Jeffrey Remedios

29:09 - David Newfeld

34:34 - Bruce McDonald

34:58 - Love Crimes, Snow Cake, Half Nelson

40:22 - Stereolab / Beetle

43:03 - Fitzcarraldo

49:42 - Much Music

54:26 - Howard Billerman

1:03 - Byta.com

Music by Fin Productions and Oliver Lyu


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